Session on 

Stress Management and Self - Motivation

In today's fast-paced work environments, managing stress and maintaining self-motivation are essential skills for achieving both personal and professional success. Our "Stress Management & Self-Motivation at the Workplace" session offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and mitigating workplace stress while fostering intrinsic motivation. Through this session, participants will gain insights into the physiological and psychological aspects of stress, recognize its impact on health and productivity, and learn practical strategies to manage it effectively. Additionally, we will explore ways to enhance self-motivation by setting meaningful goals, finding personal satisfaction in tasks, and overcoming common challenges. This session is designed to provide students with valuable tools to navigate the demands of their future careers confidently.

I conduct this engaging and informative session once a semester for multiple sections of final-year university students. By participating, students will not only prepare for the pressures of the workplace but also develop a proactive approach to personal well-being and professional growth. Join us to equip yourself with essential skills that will help you thrive in any work environment.