Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power

Advantages of Using High Transmission Voltage

Economical Choice of Conductor Size

Voltage Distribution over Suspension Insulator String

Calculation of Sag in Overhead Transmission Lines

Mathematical Examples of Calculating Sag

Explanation of Corona Effect in Transmission Lines

Calculating Economical Conductor Size - An Example

Electrical Elements of Overhead Transmission Lines

Resistance and Skin Effect in Overhead Lines

Flux Linkage and Inductance in Overhead Lines

Concept of GRM and GMD, and recap of Inductance Formulas

Mathematical Examples of Calculating Inductance in Transmission Lines

Classification and Circuit Models of Transmission Lines - And their Performance Parameters

Phasor Relationships and Mathematical Expressions of Transmission Line Circuit Models

Mathematical Examples of Short and Medium Line Calculations

Introduction to Underground Cables and Calculation of Insulation Resistance 

Capacitance and Dielectric Stress in Underground Cables (with Math Examples)